Forbidden Fruit Orchards Media Coverage

Santa Ynez Valley News

Sandra ("Sandy") Newman is Forbidden Fruits' owner/winemaker/horticulturist. It's a labor of love and largely a one-woman show. Read the full article

Wine Enthusiast's Buying Guide

Check out all of our highly scored wines as well as Matt Kettmann's tasting notes on the Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide. Read the full article

Santa Barbara Independent

Matt Kettmann and Sandy discuss how her farm has grown from an abandoned apple orchard into the dynamic estate it is today. Read the full article

Mr. Picky's Santa Barbara Wine Guide

Our favorite custom wine glass creator has launched an iPhone app that highlights Santa Barbara's tasting rooms. Cebada Wine's tasting room and vineyard as well as Mr. Picky's Cebada favorites from his own personal tasting can be seen on the app. This link takes you to his website for more information about the app. Read the full article

Santa Barbara Sentinel

Hana-Lee Sedgwick, writer for Santa Barbara Sentinel says, "Sandra Newman is not only a horticulturist and winemaker, but a great example of a hard-working, dedicated business woman who is living her dreams." We could not agree more! Find this article on page 21. Read the full article

Edible Santa Barbara

Nancy Oster discusses Sandy Newman's lesser knows craft: growing, propagating and drying her organic green tea. Find this article on pages 28-32. Read the full article

Montecito Journal

A fantastic 4-paged expose written about the farm, vineyard, and the woman who makes it all happen, Sandy! Read the full article

Piedmont Post

Our 2012 Pinot Noir was ranked amongst the top at the 2015 Pinot Days in San Francisco! Read the full article

San Francisco International Wine Competition

Silver medal awarded to Sandy's Forbidden Fruit Libation Blueberry Dessert Wine! Read the full article


Sandy poured at the 2015 Santa Barbara Wine Festival - read what she said and what people thought! Read the full article

Santa Barbara Independent

Sandy attends a Women Winemaker's dinner! Read the full article

What's Cookin' on Wine (Radio Show)

Sandy makes an appearance for an interview on Michael Horn and Nicole Nielsen's radio show! Read the full article

Wandering Wino

Positive blurb and props for the 2011 Chardonnay and 2011 Pinot Noir! Read the full article


Voted in the Top 5 Hideaway Bars in Santa Barbara! Read the full article

Food & Home

A brief article about us adding our tasting room to the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail! Read the full article

Pursuing Pinot

Positive review from the Wine Blogger's Conference about Sandy's Pinot! Read the full article

Table Conversations

Honorable mention of Sandy and Cebada's dessert wine! Read the full article

The PinotFile

Expanded mention in an article from an event here in Santa Barbara at the Bacara Resort and Spa: "Adventures on the Pinot Trail: World of Pinot Noir: The Tastings" Read the full article

Eve's Wine 101

Informational Page about Sandy's Farm and Dessert Wine. Read the full article


Sandy puts in her input about bee's and climate change in regards to the drought. Read the full article

Backyard Roots

A tour and taste with photos of the farm and a day with Sandy! Read the full article

The Vine Times

Day two found us visiting the Forbidden Fruit Orchards in Lompoc with owner Sandra Davis. I had heard that there was quite a story about how Sandra came to be a farmer and then a vintner, so I wanted to meet her. I am glad I did, as she is truly an inspiration to anyone who has a dream. Read the full article

LA Times

It's taken hard work, technical know-how, even a few falcons, for the crop to bear fruit in the Golden State. Now the state's on track to be a top producer. Until recently, finding commercial blueberry farms in California would have been about as likely as finding a herd of moose. Read the full article

LA Weekly

Forbidden Fruit Orchards in Lompoc grows blueberries in a miraculous microclimate that keeps the bushes evergreen and producing plump fruit 10 months out of the year. Read the full article

What our Customers are Saying

Though there is more California blueberry acreage planted each year I can assure you they all wish for the sweetness, size, texture; the total package of quality that the Forbidden Blueberry continues to achieve every year That Earl’s Organic has been associated since 2005.

-Earl Herrick, Earl's Organic Produce

I love the quality of your blueberries. Best ever! I love your sorbet. How about some for Brentwood on Sundays? My kids live in Carp and my seven year old granddaughter can can eat a box of blueberries before you can blink an eye. She would love the sorbet. Where can they buy the sorbet up your way?

-Herb Sclar

I would like to start off saying HOW AMAZING the blueberries taste. I also am a vendor at multiple farmers markets and buy over 12 packs every week. My 3 year old LOVES it, it's the only blueberry we eat. All the other blueberries are just too soft and mooshy.

-Tatevik, Isabelles Honey Farm

I now live in flagstaff, Arizona where I buy your delicious blueberries in New Frontiers market. They must be at their peak right now because the berries are plentiful, a beautiful blue and so big! It reminds me so much of my home in Pennsylvania where we had five huge bushes in our backyard and it was my job to harvest them. Our family shared only half the berry crop because I always ate the first half while picking them! They were just as big as yours and I always made sure I ate the biggest ones off the bush! What wonderful memories that come back. when I open your packs. By the way, I still do that trick - eat one half and serve the other half to my husband and I for breakfast!

Thank you so much for your magnificent product!

-Linda Gerber

We frequent the brentwood farmers market and are crazy about your blueberries. You haven't been at the market for the past few weeks, so wanted to inquire if season is over, or if you will be back! We must have the blueberries again soon! We love them.

-Marissa Rizcheck

You produce the best blueberries I have ever had anywhere. I buy my weekly supply every saturday morning in SM.

-Rene Gioffin

I went to the Hollywood market today and was very surprised that your blueberries were not there. I always purchase 3 flats every week. I see on your website it says the season is over now. But I just wanted to check to see if there was possibly a small portion still available and I could have them shipped to me in Hollywood. Please let me know if this is possible.

-Karen Mangiamele, A very satisfied customer

Welcome back. We missed you. Others sold inferior organic blueberries during your absence.
Your (blueberry ).lover,
Norman Levy

-Norman Levy, A blueberry lover.

Had this wine (Rose of Pinot Noir) at Fitch and Fork over the weekend and fell in love ❤️

-Nickie Thomas