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Forbidden Fruit Orchards and Cebada Wine produce extremely unique farm fresh products that are delicious, yet often beg the question, “what do I do with this?” We have worked with professional chefs and wine pairing experts to figure out all the answers to that question!

You can purchase all of these products in our wine tasting room downtown Santa Barbara as well as on our farm in Lompoc. Below are pairing suggestions as well as links to recipes we have created for you.


  • Cheeses such as Brie, Gouda and any kind of creamy goat cheese (pairs especially well with the 2013 Chardonnay)
  • Fish or chicken
  • Creamy vegetable soups
  • Crisp summer salads

Rosé of Pinot Noir

  • Sushi (best as a palate cleanser when you are experiencing that wasabi burn)
  • Spicy Thai or Indian food
  • Crisp summer salads
  • Mild cheeses
  • Fresh fruit

Pinot Noir

  • Pasta dishes
  • Red meat
  • Duck
  • Cured meat
  • Roasted fall vegetables (such as balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts)
  • Chocolate
  • Fig Compote and Pinot Noir Sauce Recipe
  • If you happen to have leftover Pinot (crazy, I know) you can make your own vinegar by covering the bottle opening with cheesecloth and leaving it alone for about a month until it smells like vinegar (you will know because it gets stinky). You can mix all different kinds of red wine together and continually add to the bottle for more vinegar. Once you are happy with how the vinegar smells and tastes, use it for your salad dressings or for cooking down onions and mushrooms for a delicious reduction sauce. CLICK HERE for a short clip on making red wine vinegar.

Blueberry Dessert Wine

  • Mix 1oz of the blueberry dessert wine into a flute of brut champagne to make a blueberry mimosa
  • Drizzle over vanilla ice cream
  • Pour over pound cake topped with whipped cream and fresh berries
  • Chocolate
  • “tipsy-sue” also known as our version of tiramisu- substitute coffee liquor with our blueberry dessert wine.

Blueberry or Mulberry Jam

  • Your morning yogurt, oatmeal, waffles or French toast
  • Heat up jam and add to ice cream
  • Mix into a milkshake
  • On top of a warmed scone or muffin (make it a blueberry scone for bonus points)
  • On toast or in a PB&J
  • Add a teaspoon of jam on top of thumbprint cookies

Blueberry Syrup

  • Pour over cheesecake (use our organic fresh blueberries as a garnish to make it extra yummy)
  • Drizzle on top of a sweet crepe or French toast
  • Drizzle on top of a cracker with creamy goat cheese
  • Glaze chicken or fish
  • Blueberry balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (we are perfecting our recipe, check back soon)

Fig compote

  • Fig Compote and Pinot Noir Sauce Recipe
  • Spice up your morning Greek yogurt
  • Fig Compote is the perfect topping for thumbprint cookies
  • Fill a vanilla cupcake and then frost with a fig butter cream frosting

Chardonnay Syrup

Lemon Lime blueberry marmalade

  • MAKE A COCKTAIL! Shake up 1tbsp Lemon Lime Blueberry Marmalade, 1.5oz silver tequila, .5oz Triple Sec, 1oz lime juice and 5oz orange juice in a cocktail shaker. Strain and pour over ice into a highball glass.